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Experienced senior executive and consultant in not-for-profit. Specialising in organisational development, inclusivity, diversity. Speaker. Facilitator. Content creator.

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Adele, a person of colour, has worked in human rights in the not-for-profit community and arts sectors for many years as a senior executive. Having worked in leadership development, human rights, women’s health, and family and domestic violence, she is completing her Master of Human Rights. They have lived experience with complex traumas, disability, chronic illness, living with cancer, and hails from a multicultural background

They bring a pervasive commitment to amplifying the voices and stories which are often excluded or suppressed in their work as a writer, artist, consultant, speaker, and facilitator. Adele uses storytelling in non-fiction, poetry and short fiction to explore identity, the politics of existence, and the ways in which we integrate personal and shared histories.

Adele is often found on a random new adventure or revisiting favourites such as rock climbing, or trail running. She is grateful to have been welcomed and living on Noongar Boodjar.

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Creating in the age of a Global Pandemic

As many of you are probably increasingly aware and facing in a personal way, our global community is continuing to rapidly evolve in response to the ongoing and dynamic challenges represented by COVID-19. Many of my typical avenues for paid work have greatly diminished or are high-risk for me, as someone living with chronic illness and disability.

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