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Podcast to be launched in 2020

Gain insights to the journeys of Wonder Women from around Australia sharing their reflections on their core values, exercising vulnerability, challenging the definition of success, and what it means to be a woman, cracks and all.



  • Darker Sides of Development [non-fiction] (late 2020)
  • Westerly [non-fiction] (print and online, June 2020)
  • Feminist Writers Festival, interviews with Australian authors (2020)
  • Feminist Writers Festival, reviews (2020)
  • reviews TBA


  • Emerging Writers Festival, 2020

Electronic / Print:

  • Feminist Writers Festival, interviews with Australian authors, (April – May, 2020)
  • Feminist Writers Festival, reviews (February – May, 2020)
  • WA Poets Inc Perth Poetry Festival – World Poetry Day [poem] (March, 2020) 
  • “The nail that sticks out gets hammered in” [review of “Growing up queer in Australia”. Edited by Benjamin Law] Singapore Review of Books (December 2019)
  • “#CBD” [poem] Bent St, Volume 3 (November, 2019)
  • Perth Culture [reviews of live events, art exhibitions, and performance arts]
  • Emergent Arts, A Case for a Perth-based Asia-Pacific Arts Festival, 2014 [non-fiction contribution]
  • Brillig, Volume 1995 [prose]
  • Brillig, Volume 1997 [prose; poem]
  • Content creation for clients and projects including: 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, Regional Arts Australia Summit, Regional Arts WA, Australian Theatre for Young People, Women’s Community Health Network WA, Leadership Western Australia, Department of Communities, City of Subiaco, United Nations for Sustainable Development Goals 2020, and others
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Creating in the age of a global pandemic

As many of you are probably increasingly aware and facing in a personal way, our global community is rapidly evolving in response to the challenges represented by COVID-19. Many of my typical avenues for paid work have greatly diminished or have become high-risk for me, as someone living with chronic illness and disability.

If you find any of my creations, be they written words, artforms, or podcasts, to be meaningful, valuable, or in some way helpful, please consider making a donation.

Please also consider sharing my articles, posts, and podcasts (with attribution) because spreading the word is also a great way to support my work. Thank you for visiting and thank you for your time.

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Commissioning Content

Do you need a speech or presentation prepared on your behalf? Do you need it to be compelling, yet evidence-based? Do you want it to be thoughtful and inclusive?

Do you need writing developed for your website or marketing materials? Do you need people to engage with your mission and cause? Do you want to build a sense of community and drive? Do you want people to understand and feel passionate about what your organisation or project is trying to do?

Adele specialises in not-for-profit organisational development, community engagement and human rights oriented work.

Major Works In Progress

Yin Yang fern. Image by Mario Dobelmann.

I am currently researching and developing two major non-fiction works:

  • A collection of women’s stories, exploring their defining moments, challenging the definition of success, and celebrating the ways in which they have and continue to leave a mark on those around them. Women (including trans and femmes), GNC, NB, iand intersex people continue to hold up half the sky but their stories do not fill half our shelves or half the pages we read. Excerpts from interviews and conversations will be featured in the podcast.
  • A consideration of the paradigm we operate within to respond to (and seek to prevent and reduce) family, domestic, and gendered violence in Australia and the ways in which it fails to appropriately encompass cultural, First Nations’ and LGBTQIA+ risks, needs, and experiences. 

I am developing a collection of short fiction that use fairy-tale and mythology frameworks to explore dark themes and the edges of our potential for different ways forward. 

My poetry plays with form, imagery, and lyricism to explore how things that are ostensibly ‘broken’ can be reformed into reimagined beauty. 

My visual art practice incorporates the underlying philosophy of wabisabi and melding of traditional and contemporary methods, recognising that we all straddle multiple ways and worlds, not just those of us consigned to the obvious membership of cultural diaspora. I challenge the idea that cracks, fragility, visibility of broken history are synonymous with lesser beauty or value. Much like trauma, mistakes and difficult experiences, these form our valuable and idiosyncratic stories and inform our present and future potential.