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a Portfolio and Blog

A Floating World

how we live is what makes us real. Cropped. Photograph by Annie Spratt

This blog is about some of the things I love: writing, reading, creating – coloured by my passions for human rights, inclusivity, elevating social hope, and amplifying diverse voices and stories.

This blog represents a collection of my writing including:

  • – musings and reflections (some will be creative pieces, some will be researched non-fiction)
  • – excerpts from published works
  • – fiction
  • – non-fiction
  • – reviews
  • – insights to my art
  • – a look at my current reading delights.

The blog is equipped with comments so that you can be a part of a conversation, if you choose.

growing up queer in Australia book cover

The nail that sticks out

Growing by diving in In 2019, the Centre for Stories selected a number of emerging writers to be part of an inaugural Fellowship called Inclusion Matters. I was fortunate to be selected to be one of the fellows and this represented the start of a new chapter in my life,…
ayush-tiwari-purple peacock feather


Everyday, I was a different mask for an emotion I didn’t feel             There’s a blur between us             Your anger is my burden             Your raised hand will be my ache tomorrow               My vision is consumed with your concerns             Your troubles demand my solutions             Your…

What is broken

Making Whole Again Historians are not in agreement about how the practice began but many theorise Japanese Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa had a broken yet beloved Chinese tea bowl sent back to China to be repaired and was dismayed to see it returned with large unsightly staples (Gopnik, 2009). He asked…
jordan-mcdonald-rainbow puddle

Getting bent

Will I be allowed to be part of your us Binegativity speaks to the experience of anti-bisexual sentiment and discrimination. Anecdotally, this has ranged from assumptions of promiscuity, to implications and accusations of being “bad at” being straight/homosexual, being indecisive (about sexuality ergo anything else important in life), being a…
steve-johnson-rainbow painting edited to remove pink

The Pride of being included

Included As we ease our way into December in Perth, conventionally referred to as Spring but better understood in Noongar framing of Birak (the hot dry time), we have seen a colourful Pride Month come to a close in 2019. This year saw several changes and inevitable evolution come to…
alex_coffee yin yang

An impatient patient

On the Patience of Being a Patient Previously, I carefully plotted my day squeezing the time from one activity to the next, often layering tasks upon one another. Over the years, I have cultivated and continue to practice (because it’s much more difficult than it looks, at least for me)…

A podcast that delves into the journeys of women from around so-called Australia and their reflections on their core values, vulnerability, holding their own definition of success, and what it means to be a woman, cracks and all: because never hurting, falling, or grieving isn’t what makes Wonder Women. Read more.


Major Works In Progress

Yin Yang fern. Image by Mario Dobelmann.

I am currently researching and developing two major projects

  • A collection of women’s stories, exploring their defining moments, challenging the definition of success, and celebrating the ways in which they have and continue to leave a mark on those around them. Women (including trans and femmes), GNC, NB, iand intersex people continue to hold up half the sky but their stories do not fill half our shelves or half the pages we read. Excerpts from interviews and conversations will be featured in the podcast.
  • A consideration of the multiplicity of lives with experiences of family, domestic, and gendered violence. The impacts reach beyond boundaries and into our futures, perhaps seeded in the legacy of living in Australia, made with violence upon many lands of First Peoples. 

I am developing a collection of short stories inspired by fairy-tale and mythology to explore dark themes and the edges of our potential for different ways forward. 

My poetry plays with form, imagery, and lyricism to explore and challenge definitions, identity, and existence. 

My visual art practice incorporates the underlying philosophy of wabisabi and melding of traditional and contemporary methods, recognising that we all straddle multiple ways and worlds, not just those of us consigned to the obvious membership of cultural diaspora. I challenge the idea that cracks, fragility, visibility of broken history are synonymous with lesser beauty or value. Much like trauma, mistakes and difficult experiences, these form our valuable and idiosyncratic stories and inform our present and future potential.