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Hello world!

Welcome to an aspect of Adele's Floating World

Earthen pottery teapot with leaves. Photograph by Oriento

You have found my blog and website, in its infancy.

Thank you for visiting it at this early and delicate stage. Please be patient as I continue to furnish it and I welcome you to visit again. I hope you will visit often and come to enjoy the space I create for you to see more of what I do and try to contribute to our world.

What Lies This Way

This blog is about some of the things I love: writing, reading, creating – coloured by my passions for human rights, inclusivity, amplifying diverse voices, social hope.

This blog represents a collection of my writing including:

  • musings and reflections (some will be creative pieces, some will be researched non-fiction)
  • excerpts from published works
  • fiction
  • non-fiction
  • reviews
  • insights to my art
  • a look at my current reading delights.

The blog is equipped with comments so that you can be a part of a conversation, if you choose.

how we live is what makes us real. Cropped. Photograph by Annie Spratt

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