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The pain of considering failure

Graffiti art of blue haired woman pushing against concrete walls. Photograph by Joe Pregadio

Whispers inside

Echoing unspoken glances interpreted

Polite declines

Invitations retracted

Applications rejected

Submissions that do not

                make a long list,

                               short list,

                                              someone else’s list



Trying is practice

Practice is building

Building me,

                building craft,

                               building potential

Honing skill

Flexing muscles into strength



Celebrate a step taken

The breath drawn when stopping beckoned

Each attempt is more than not

Tomorrow, begin again



Success is mine

Make of it my shape

My definition.

This piece was written during a time of reflection and distress around safety, identity, and emotional, mental, and physical health in considering adaptation, endurance, resilience, and perseverance.

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